Student scientific societies

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Attention! Graduates of secondary schools, colleges, students, undergraduates and graduate students are invited to cooperate! We are waiting for active and talented people to participate in research and educational activities! The following student scientific societies have been successfully operating in the Academy of Physical Culture and Sports for more than 5 years:

  • Innovative technologies in teaching of a teacher-coach and expert in the sphere of physical culture and sports
  • Foreign language as an essential component of professional life of a specialist in the sphere of physical culture and sports
  • Kinesis ergonomics and human health
  • Mechanisms of adaptation to physical stress and training in the rising phase of ontogenesis
  • Adverse environmental factors and human health
  • Preparation of the sports reserve in a favorite sport
  • Problems and prospects of development of Olympic sports
  • Social and legal aspects of the modern sports movement
  • Elite sport – women’s handball. Competitive activity of handball players of high qualification
  • Management of aging and adaptation efficiency rate of adverse ecological and occupational exposure with the help of biologically active substances and the optimization of physical activity
  • Express-analysis of the environment and human health by using modern instruments and equipment